Marketing, Branding, Creative, & Management Services

Paige Design provides creative marketing solutions for your company, brand, event, product, service, campaign, or cause.

  • Marketing Services:

    Marketing consultation is available for businesses and non-profits to strategize for increasing brand awareness and promoting products, services, events, programs, and causes.

    Marketing Services:

    Marketing Strategy: Provide expert advice on design and marketing strategies tailored to your target audience and business objectives.

    Market Research: Conduct in-depth research to identify market trends and opportunities.

    Traditional Marketing: Strategize, conceptualize, and create offline tools such as brochures, identity packages, sales support collateral, service and product literature, direct mail, event and tradeshow promotion, print advertising, packaging, and publishing.

    Digital Marketing: Strategize, conceptualize, and create online marketing including web graphics, ad banners, social media posts, email campaigns, and stories to nurture leads and boost conversions.

    Social Media Management: Manage your social media presence, creating engaging content and increasing brand visibility.

    Content Marketing: Create and distribute high-quality, valuable content that attracts engages, and retains your audience. We ensure your brand’s message stands out and is integrated into all your

    Trend Analysis: Give Insights on the latest design and marketing trends to help you stay ahead of the competition.

  • Branding Services:

    Branding services include logos, identity packages, messaging, brand strategy, brand guidelines, and brand-integrated marketing communications.

    Branding Services:

    Brand Development: Craft unique and memorable brand identities that reflect your company’s culture, values, and mission and sets you apart from the competition.

    Brand Strategy: Develop comprehensive brand strategies to ensure consistency and recognition across all touchpoints. We help you define and maintain a strong brand presence, from market research and competitor analysis to brand positioning and storytelling.

    Brand Logo Design: Design unique and memorable logos encapsulate your brand’s identity and resonate with your audience. Our services include logo design, typography, color palettes, and brand guidelines.

    Brand Guidelines: Create comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure brand consistency across all touchpoints that cover logo usage, color palettes, typography, and more.

    Brand Audits: Analyze your current brand and suggest improvements for stronger Brand awareness.

    Brand Refresh: Breathe new life into your existing brand with a revitalization of your identity.

  • Creative Services – Design and More…

    Providing innovative and appealing ideas for marketing and design challenges.

    Creative Services – Design and More…

    Design Services:

    Graphic Design: Bring ideas to life with stunning visuals for all digital and traditional marketing deliverables including logos, print, advertising, packaging, website, social media posts, infographics, and illustrations.

    Print Collateral: Design and produce eye-catching and effective print materials such as brochures, identity packages, direct mail, catalogs, advertising, event promotion, posters, technical papers, invitations, and books.

    Event Promotion & Support: Create promotional materials such as posters, brochures, direct mail, advertising, website banners, social media posts, programs, presentations, passes, and specialty items that establish an event brand, draws attendance, and informs attendees.

    Illustration: Add unique, creative touch to your projects – whether it’s custom illustrations for a marketing campaign, technical illustrations for operation manuals, infographics, or storyboarding for an animation or video.

    Packaging Design: Produce creative packaging solutions that not only protect but also brands and sells your products.

    Product Brand & Surface Design: Unique product logos and artwork that is applied to a product’s surface to enhance its visual appearance, establishes a brand, and targets its audience.

    Web Graphics: Create stunning web graphics and banners to enhance your online presence.

    Website Design & Development: Art direction, design, and development of user-friendly, responsive websites that captivate visitors, optimize user-experience (UX) journeys, and improve website usability. Paige Designs team is experienced with WordPress, WIX, Shopify, HTML and CSS.

    More Creative Services:

    Content Creation: Paige Design’s team produces engaging content, including copy, social media posts, email campaigns, photography, animation, and videos.

  • Management Services:

    Paige Design provides creative & art direction and project management as a freelancer in collaboration with your team or as an outsourced team of specialists compiled just for your needs.

    Management Services:

    Creative Direction: Provide vision, head up brainstorming sessions, spearhead the initial concepts of a project, map out plans, compile creative team, and make sure the result and process match the client’s goals and objectives.

    Art Direction: Liaise between client and creative(s) and specialist(s). Articulate the vision to the creative(s); determine which artistic elements to use; review and approve copy, design and photography; develop budgets and timelines; and manage the project through the phases of production, edits and final execution.

    Project Planning: We carefully plan each project, defining objectives, timelines, and resources to ensure a smooth execution.

    Communication and Reporting: We provide open and transparent communication and report regularly to keep you informed at every stage of the project.

    Team Coordination: I compile and oversee cross-functional teams of specialists and vendors, ensuring that everyone is aligned, motivated, and working towards the project’s success.

    Budget and Time Management: We keep your project on track, within budget, and on schedule, so you can focus on your core business activities.

    Resource Allocation: manages resources efficiently, ensuring projects are completed within budget.

    Quality Assurance: maintain rigorous quality control to guarantee that the final deliverables meet or exceed your expectations and industry standards.

    Customer Relations: Create, build, and maintain customer relationships through effective communication with follow-through, follow-up, assessment of current and future needs. Development of client support services such as establishing custom archives, using common communication and management applications, and sharing cloud storage to maximize client satisfaction. 

Paige Design Process

We work closely with you, considering your input at every stage to ensure the project aligns with your vision and meets industry standards.

  • Listen & Learn

    I listen to your organization’s story, needs, and challenges. From there, I learn about your playing field – the trends, threats, and obstacles you face. The real fun can begin once I’ve got a big-picture view of your company, its needs, and its industry.

  • Collaborate & Ideate

    Your input is vital, and I encourage your active participation in the creative process. I collaborate with you to fine-tune the objectives and parameters of the project. Then, I brainstorm solutions and devise a plan.

  • Create & Refine

    Once the “what” is defined, I can create and present ideas and refine them to fit your goals, budget, and timeline. I invite your feedback at critical checkpoints – a key to the project’s success.

  • Track & Review

    Once the project is delivered, I track how it’s received. The work is only complete once you are satisfied.

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